Shared UNL Talk, Text & Data (3GB LTE)

Shared UNL Talk, Text & Data  (3GB LTE)
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Price: $55.00
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2 Lines + $2.99 Regulatory Recovery Fee (+$5.98)
Line 3 + $2.99 Regulatory Recovery Fee (+$17.99)
Line 4 + $2.99 Regulatory Recovery Fee (+$17.99)
Line 5 + $2.99 Regulatory Recovery Fee (+$17.99)
Line 6 + $2.99 Regulatory Recovery Fee (+$17.99)
Line 7 + $2.99 Regulatory Recovery Fee (+$17.99)
Line 8 + $2.99 Regulatory Recovery Fee (+$17.99)
Line 9 + $2.99 Regulatory Recovery Fee (+$17.99)
Line 10+ $2.99 Regulatory Recovery Fee (+$17.99)


Worry Free Data
• Unlimited data after you exceed your high speed data allotments. 
• Truly sharable data for your entire group– up to 10 phones, tablets and other devices.
• Access Charge – Smartphones $15, Basic Phones $15. Tablets $15, Laptop & Hotspots $15, Connected Wearables $15

  • 3GB of 4G LTE shared data

  • Unlimited Data After LTE allotment 
  • SD Streaming (480p DVD quality, max of 1.5Mbps)

  • Mobile hotspot

  • Rollover Data® : roll over unused data for use in the next month

  • Mexico - Talk, text and data included

  • Unlimited texts from the U.S. to 120+ countries

*After use of high speed data amounts, all data usage will be slowed to 128 kbps. Data use will be impacted. Data Cycle resets on the 1st day of each month.  Tethering and mobile hotspot use are restricted to a maximum of 10GB of usage per data cycle.

Minimum 2 Line, Maximum of 10 Lines

What is the Regulatory Recovery Fee?

The Regulatory Recovery Fee is a service charge imposed on boom! MOBILE's cellular services to recover boom! MOBILE's contributions to federal, state and municipal regulatory programs and assessments levied on boom! MOBILE, including, without limitation, state universal service programs and federal fees. On an annual basis, the FCC re-calculates the rates assessed on service providers to support certain federal programs.

 International calling and Roaming information can be found here


Plan Details

Unlimited Minutes Yes
Unlimited Texting Yes
Unlimited Data Yes
Included Data 3GB
Prepaid Plan, No Overages Yes